This is a terrible problem and it looks as if stem cell research is the only viable path to finding a cure but there are ways you can prevent it or reduce the chances of developing it.
This page is new and will be expanded later as I have time but for now I just wanted to pass along this tidbit which doctors aren’t mentioning for fear of being blamed for making a generation of alcoholics.

A report (

“LONDON, England -- Dutch scientists have found that drinking alcohol up to three times daily can almost halve the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a report has said. “
“Dutch researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam carried out a six-year study of 5,395 people aged 55 and over who showed no signs of dementia.
Those who consumed between one and three drinks a day had a 42% lower risk of developing dementia than non-drinkers.
A clear correlation was seen between the level of alcohol consumption and the degree of dementia risk. “

That report was published in The Lancet (famous medical journal) in 2002, yet I bet you never heard about it from your doctor.

Currying Favor?
Did you know that, after adjusting for the actual number of elderly so it has nothing to do with shorter life expectancies, the country of India has the lowest incidence of  Alzheimer's of any major country?

There is now strong scientific evidence that this is due to the consumption of curry, specifically a single very mild-tasting component of most curries, the herb tumeric.

I will post links to medical studies when I have time or can scare up some funding for this site, but for now I will just say that adding curry dishes to your diet is almost certainly a very good idea.

More Alzheimer’s reports will become a regularly updated topic here in the near future.

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