CANCER and Diet
Teflon causes cancer?
French Fries cause breast cancer?
Aspirin prevents cancer?

Who is Poisoning US?

People who make or save money by doing so, of course.

As the health service in the U.S. is being squeezed into a two-tier system with the rich getting unlimited care and the middle and “lower” class in this classless society being given the choice between loosing their families’ homes or dying because they can’t pay for medical care, the rich are getting richer by poising the rest of us and trusting to their doctors that advanced care will compensate (since they are poising themselves and their children also.)

What is the government doing about it?

Little or nothing?

Teflon causes cancer?

Well, consider that DuPont has been ordered to pay $10.5 million in fines and $6 million in clean up costs after a little misstep which has caused virtually every person in the civilized world to greatly increase their chance of getting cancer.

Not a bad deal considering how much the tobacco companies have been paying but then over the years DuPont has made napalm and other “vital” chemicals for the military.

What the Heck@#$% am I talking about? Simple, perfluoroctanoic acid or PFOA, has been used to make Teflon for decades. Only problem is, it causes cancer. Now of course the government and DuPont says there is no cause for alarm because PFOA isn’t released in cooking on Teflon, but then the same people said for decades that PFOA doesn’t cause cancer too and the basis of that fine I mentioned above is the fact that DuPont KNEW PFOA was a carcinogen but hid the fact for 20 years.

BTW, almost everyone in the U.S. has traces of PFOA in their blood so, if it can’t be gotten from cooking, I guess we all lived too close to a DuPont factory.

Use stainless steel and learn to wash your pans.

French Fries cause breast cancer?

Newsweek has reported that the International Journal of Cancer says feeding deep fried foods to girl children between 3 and 5 years of age even once each week increases their risk of developing breast cancer by 27% as adults.

It isn't news that fried foods are bad for us, but it is VERY NEW and VERY BAD news that such tiny amounts of it can be so incredibly dangerous!

And you thought that picking up an order of fries at the drive through was a “great” way to keep the small fry quiet on trips to the mall.

Aspirin prevents cancer?

Aspirin? (but NOT Tylenol, etc.)

Do I even have to tell you that the reason so many new pain killers have come to market (some of them having death as a side effect) is because good old aspirin is dirt cheap?

We already know aspirin can cut the risk of death from heart disease and there is evidence that this protective effect disappears if you also take NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory) over the counter drugs.

Remember, just because the FDA agrees that a new drug works, doesn’t mean it works BETTER.

If you need another reason, besides avoiding death by heart attack, to take aspirin instead of the alternatives, JAMA now says that taking 14 regular strength aspirin per week for a decade cuts your risk of colorectal cancer (145,000 new cases in U.S. each year, and highly deadly.)

We know it works for women and it probably works for men. Personally, I’ll skip the Tylenol, use aspirin, save 90% of the cost, and possibly save my life. Not a bad deal when you think about it. If ulcers are a concern, enteric-coated aspirin only costs a few cents more per bottle.

BTW, have you noticed the VERY sincere sounding Tylenol commercials urging you to follow the recommendations and saying they prefer you not take Tylenol at all if you don't take the recommended dose? Did you know why they are running?

Personally, I'd be a LOT more convinced of their sincerity if they pointed out just WHY they are asking you not to take more than recommended.

Are they just trying to save you money? Probably NOT!

Could it have something to do with the fact that Tylenol is about 1000X more toxic than Aspirin?

This page was last updated: April 17, 2008