FLU - Influenza
OK, if you are reading this you almost certainly know that this is a viral infection characterized by a whole-body range of symptoms, not just from your throat and up which indicates the common cold.

You therefore know that taking antibiotics is contraindicated - it may cause other problems, it is expensive, and has no effect on a virus anyway.

You may feel that the herb Echinacea helps a lot. Unfortunately the evidence is in and it simply has no effect on reducing the severety or chance of catching a cold or the flu. If you know someone who swears by this "cure" it doesn't seem to cause any harm and the placebo effect may be doing them some good so I wouldn't tell them about the scientific studies.

However, it turns out that one specific and very safe extract of elderberries will do a lot to help prevent or reduce the severety of influenza.

When I have time and funding I will provide further links and the information about the single tested elderberry preperation which has been proven to work against the flu. Simply eating elderberries or taking any extracts or pills you find in health food stores or pharmacies won't do anything, it has to be the right preperation which, by the way, isn't particularly expensive, the effective dose is under $15 U.S.

I am trying to arrange a sponsorship for this preperation on this site to make it easier for you to obtain it.


Of course you need to take the flu vaccine every year even if you aren't at special risk because it helps protect against a lot of things in addition to the flu, including heart attacks and pneumonia, probably because it helps prevent or lessen the severity of the flu.

The prescription drug Tamiflu does cut the chance of catching the flu if you know you have been exposed and reduces the duration if you take it quickly enough. This is safe and effective even if you got the flu vaccine.

Personally I'd stock up just as the government is because the bird flu will eventually migrate here and could be devastating.