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Please read this page before going on to the specific research reports on Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s, and Malignant Melanoma (also cancer in general.) It will answer many of the questions you are certain to have before and after looking at the other pages.

First, I deeply respect doctors. I have known some of the best and they also respect me.

I have no formal medical training, am not selling any vitamins or strange cures, and do not charge for this information (although I do accept donations to help defray the costs involved in research and publishing.)

In extraordinary circumstances where there was no choice, I have set broken legs and treated infections in animals but, given a choice, I would never hesitate to go to a real doctor for animals or people. I am not an anti-AMA fanatic.

But I am also realistic. I know how doctors are trained and, especially in the U.S., just how busy they are. They are so busy that many specialists don’t even have time to keep up with the literature in their own fields and general practitioners (family doctors) simply can’t know everything.

When a doctor, even an entire medical specialty tells me that there is either no cure for something or that surgery and dangerous medications are the only options, then I like to make certain by doing my own literature search.

Consider these simple facts which no honest M.D. will dispute:

>Until quite recently nutrition wasn’t even considered worth teaching in medical schools. We know better now.

> Until recently doctors actually came out publicly and stated that multi-vitamin supplements were a waste of time and money - nothing more or less than quackery.  One famous doctor who often appeared on the NBC Today show stated that opinion on the air for years but now he has his own line of vitamin supplements. Today women are urged to take folic acid to prevent birth defects and most doctors are telling patients to take vitamins.

>20 years ago everyone knew that ulcers were caused to stress, bad genetics, excessive alcohol consumption, spicy foods, or too much stomach acid production. Today we know that they are usually the result of a simple bacterial infection (H. Pylori).

>For decades medical researchers had the number of chromosomes in humans wrong despite publishing photographs showing the right number.

>For decades everyone from The American Heart Association to nutritionists said that the Atkins Diet (high fat, high protein, low carbs) couldn’t possibly help people loose weight and, even if it did, it would cause a disastrous jump in cholesterol and heart disease. When some basic tests were finally done a few years ago, it turned out that the Atkins Diet actually lowers cholesterol and millions have used it to melt pounds off quickly and safely. Whether it is a good long-term diet is debatable but all of the dire predictions about it being dangerous or not working have been proven wrong.

>Doctors routinely give so many antibiotics that most are now ineffective against infections. Why? Because patients expect it and even when the doctor knows that they won’t be effective, they simply give patients what they demand. (The common cold, flu, and many infections are viral in nature and therefore not affected by any antibiotic.)

>Milk must be pasteurized or people will get very sick. Actually one dairy in Ohio has served un-pasteurized milk for decades with no problems and people around the world drink un-pasteurized milk daily with no problems.

>Cleanliness is vital for children. Actually studies show that kids who grow up on farms and are exposed to lots of virus and bacterial infections are the healthiest adults. Some reserchers see a close tie between the advances in sanitation (some would call it a fanatical obsession) and the rise in asthma and other problems.

>On the psychological side – children must have their self-esteem built up to become successful adults. Fact, serial killers and religious fanatics such as Jim Jones as well as the current crop of terrorists, have extremely high self-esteem while many of the greatest men and women in history (Lincoln just for one example but many great business leaders also) struggled their entire lives with a feeling of inadequacy which is what drove them to succeed.

The list goes on and on and you might ask how this could happen in a discipline supposedly based on science. I’ll explain, not to run down doctors or modern medicine, but so you understand just why my research MIGHT be valid and, at a minimum, why you should look at it very seriously.

There are several reasons for poor medical practices. Medical schools in the U.S. tend to teach doctors that they are the only possible experts in any field (that’s why con men love to rope them into really stupid investments.) The best doctors overcome this and listen to patients. Many never make this breakthrough.

The two big causes of poor cutting-edge medicine in the U.S. are economic and political (in the social sense, not the Washington D.C. sense of Republican vs. Democrats.)

The FDA is always years behind because money and bureaucratic fear/inertia drives every decision.

Bureaucracies exist to eliminate the need to think, enforce standardized procedures, and, above all, maintain the status quo. Change and innovation are the basic enemies of all bureaucrats as anyone who tried to get a DMV or city hall clerk to do something even slightly different from their routine. It's no different for the medical establishment or the FDA.

Clinical trials are a vital part of determining whether a treatment is useful. Clinical trials cost a LOT of money and take years, often decades to complete, and simply can’t be applied to some medical problems anyway.

Clinical trials are paid for mostly by the big pharmaceutical companies so, what are the chances that they will spend hundreds of millions of dollars proving that some cheap, plentiful supplement or change in lifestyle is actually more effective than expensive new drugs?

The medical establishment is every bit as bureaucratic as The Civil Service and strongly resists any challenge to their authority or traditional way of treading any illness. It is simply an understandable human reaction. Having worked as a Wire Service Bureau Chief in Washington for years, I don't blame them for it, simply recognize it.

Here is a sample of some other things which doctors have “known” for decades or centuries but which evidence strongly indicates simply aren’t true. The first three I provide extensive supporting evidence for from medical journals and government publications, the final one on transplants I am currently researching.

>Crohn’s disease is an auto-immune disease. Not true in about 70 percent of the cases it is a treatable infection according to studies in Italy, England, and Australia.

>Sunlight causes skin cancer and there is no way to reduce the death rate for malignant melanoma other than surgery or marginally effective kemotherapy. Not true.

>There is no known way to greatly reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Not true, European studies show there is a simple and inexpensive way to cut your risk in half.

>Organ transplants are rare because donors must be matched exactly to patients or the organ will be rejected. Not true, Canadian research shows otherwise.  Some donor's organs can be given to almost anyone.

What you see on the following pages is the result of my research as a scientifically-trained technical/science writer with 40 year’s experience and a stack of publications which would be unbelievable if I couldn’t document them, 17,000+ documents, including 5 non-fiction books.

My reports aren’t based on information from half-hour TV commercials by people with absolutely zero medical or scientific training (snake oil salesmen) but on mainstream scientific data from medical journals and even the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. All I have done is collect and read the latest test results and medical reports which will eventually become the basis of new treatments but perhaps not for another decade. I’m not prepared to wait.

Click on the following topics to go to those pages. There is no charge for any of this information but it does cost me money to publish it so I accept voluntary donations. Read what I have found, take the information to your doctor, and then, if you find I provided useful information, recommend this site to friends and perhaps consider sending a donation to further my work.

Because it can be difficult to understand medical jargon and the associated statistics, I begin each report with a basic overview of what the results mean.

Crohn’s Disease

Malignant Melanoma (and some other cancers)


A report on transplant myths and new developments will follow when I have time to complete my research and enough solid scientific evidence to present.

All these pages are periodically updated as I have time to add additional research and topics.

Copyright, 2005, John A. McCormick, Inc.

Know your doctor

Most doctors are well-educated, hard working, and honest.

But some aren't.

Before trusting your life to someone, shouldn't you check them out?

is a good place to check out your healthcare specialist, doctor, dentist, nurse, or chiropractor.
Know your medicine

A lot of prescriptions are necessary and safe, but recent news stories have reminded everyone that there are some really, really dangerous drugs and that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies always wait to see the bodies pile up before doing anything about them.

Oh, by the way, Able Labs generic drugs were ALL recalled - it only took the FDA a week to make this information public after notifying the company.

Check out the vital risk information about any drugs you or family/friends take at

This is the current list of the most dangerous drugs or simply ineffective medications:

   *  ACTOS
   * glucosamine and chondroitin
   * MOBIC
   * VIOXX

There are also dangerous interactions between some important prescription medications and otherwise good or useful herbal supplements such as Co-Q10.

NEW topics under study for future reports
There is mounting evidence that Vitamin D3, the kind you only get from prescriptions or direct exposure to sunlight not filtered by glass or sunblock, helps prevent or increase the survival rate from malignant melanoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, multiple sclerosis, and more.
I am currently compiling research on all these topics.

High blood pressure may be mitigated by adequate levels of D3 in the blood.
I am currently compiling research on this topic.

To reduce risk, maintain a low body mass index by eating low calorie, low fat diets with adequate olive oil and fish oil but little or no animal or other saturated fats.
I am currently compiling research on these topics.

Liver disease
Alpha Lipoic acid (an antioxidant) may be effective in treating advanced liver disease. This would be an alternative to very expensive and risky liver transplants.

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CBS HealthWatch, perhaps their motto should be “Medical news by morons for morons.”

Well, the mainstream media is starting to take notice of some of my research but, if you thought that getting medical news on TV is a good idea, check out this example from CBS HealthWatch, 7:50 a.m. EST August 29, 2005.

Their health “expert” (talking head, wide smile, and makeup 99, knowledge of science, medicine, even cooking - ZERO!) correctly reported that tumeric was a very beneficial spice but then she went on to ruin her credibility by stating that both curry powder and MUSTARD(!) get their yellow color from tumeric?

Tumeric is in curry, NOT prepared or powdered mustard.

She may be a very nice person, but she ain't no professional!

Get your breaking medical news from a REPUTABLE source and check out the references! Don't get your medical news from TV soundbytes and DON'T EVEN take every word here on this site as gospel, question everything!

This site does NOT provide medical advice, it provides summaries and links to information in medical journals and my aim is to provide medical professionals and patients with vital information which can be used to guide medical professionals in the treatment of various difficult-to-treat conditions.
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