Remembering a Veteran What better day for everyone to give some thought to those they know personally who have served our country,and in some cases the entire world? 06:41 Nov 11, 2011 PST


    Google+ The Latest in Social Networking? Do we need yet another social networking site? Perhaps. Certainly Google seems to think so and I thought I'd try out google+ 10:29 Nov 10, 2011 PST


    Will Storage Discovery Make Hydrogen-Powered Cars a Reality? Two problems face those who want the lightest element, hydrogen, to be the transportation fuel of the future. One is finding a way to store it and there MAY be new hope in that area. 12:28 Nov 7, 2011 PST


    Second GOVT Energy Loan Failure - Beacon One definition of insanity - doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results? But can you equate Beacon Power Corp.'s bankruptcy with Solyndra's? 10:34 Nov 2, 2011 PST


    $100K Reward for Older Citizen to Move to Pittsburgh Next year a contest winner will get $100,000 to move Pittsburgh. Long suffering from a reputation as a dirty, dusty blue collar steel mill town, today's Pittsburgh is actually a vibrant and highly livable city ranked among the top in the U.S. and th 11:43 Oct 31, 2011 PST


    Record Snow Fall in Northeast U.S.A. Still 90 days until Groundhog Day but we already see heavy snow in West-Central Pennsylvania and it is still falling! 15:43 Oct 29, 2011 PST

TANSTAAFL - Climate and Economy, Can You Hear me NOW? When everyone is shouting no one is thinking. People in a lifeboat and need more thought and less demagoguery when a storm hits. Ask candidates - what color is the sky in your world? 08:09 Aug 9, 2011 PST

OH-RATS!! Coumadin Banned? Make Way For Y-Pesties (Plague) Yesinia Pesties (commonly known as the Black Death) is carried by fleas on rats - it may come back with the EPA mommy state banning the common rat poison forms of Coumadin (a human blood thinner.) 16:05 Jun 8, 2011 PST


    New Facebook Scare - IN HIDING?? - FOUND!! Whether you have an abusive EX, the mob has a hit out, or the cops anywhere are looking for you, Facebook's new feature is dangerous!!!! 10:17 Jun 8, 2011 PST


    GeoTags Invade Your Privacy Those photos you and others post online may be telling everyone your exact location. This can pose a big threat. 08:11 Apr 22, 2011 PST


    iPhone/iPad Tracks Users - This Means YOU! I don't know why this is a surprise, but it recently became big news that apple devices track you constantly and record this information. 10:44 Apr 21, 2011 PST


    Nude Demonstrators Protest Sexism - Banned from Facebook FEMEN, the Ukrainian-based anti-porn, anti-sex trafficking activists who discovered that their political voice would be heard much more widely if they made a clean (actually usually body painted) breast of it all at rallies have been banned 12:31 Mar 31, 2011 PST


    Japan -Are Fatalities Massively Higher Than Stated? Why is the Japanese government distrusted by its' own citizens? Perhaps the death toll estimates are a clue - they are consistently divorced from reality. 19:16 Mar 19, 2011 PST


    Japan Disaster Shuts Down U.S. Factories The downside of of the just in time manufacturing model, factories around the world are already shutting down because of component shortages. 14:19 Mar 19, 2011 PST


    Online Writing Tips From a Long-Time Pro What makes online writing different? How do you tailor news stories and articles to get published and attract readers? 11:33 Mar 17, 2011 PST


    Senators Demand Action Against China - Rare Earth Politics Senators demand President Obama make China sell more rare earth elements. Will they? Will they laugh? Or will China Call in loans? 12:49 Mar 16, 2011 PST


    Next Chernobyl: Japan? Just how much radiation is dangerous to people and how much is coming from those damaged reactors? Is this a new Chernobyl? 10:32 Mar 16, 2011 PST


    'Fat, Drunk, and Stupid' America Reacts to Nuke Threat The famous words of mythical Faber College Dean echoed in my head as I heard of people in U.S. buying iodide tablets and Geiger counters. 08:53 Mar 16, 2011 PST


    How Prepared is America for Natural Disaster? -Not Very The recent disaster in Japan will focus U.S. politicians on how poorly we are prepared. Learn about a former emergency management coordinator's experience. 08:52 Mar 14, 2011 PST


    First Humanitarian/Military Ship off Libya is Chinese As a major world power, China is now beginning to 'show the flag' around the world. This will soon cause panic in Washington but China bashing and panic is NOT the right way to react. 14:28 Mar 13, 2011 PST


    Anti Nuclear Forces Hype News Reports and Twist Tsunami To Fit Scare Tactics Nuclear power is safer than any alternative but it scares the ignorant and energy companies. You can see the subtle twisted reporting every day on CNN and elsewhere. Ignorance is bliss, but only till reality strikes. 07:23 Mar 12, 2011 PST


    Major Earthquakes - N.Z., then Japan. Is California Next? Is there any basis for the concern that major earthquakes seem to be working around the Pacific 'ring of fire'? Since quakes cause the entire earth to ring like a bell and a tsunami changes the weight on a tectonic plate, is this possible? 07:55 Mar 11, 2011 PST


    Earthquake Facts - Major Pacific Basin Quake An earthquake currently rated 8.9 on the logarithmic 1-10 scale has hit northeast of Tokyo near Honshu, Japan. 06:01 Mar 11, 2011 PST


    Reuters Analysis Shows China Rare Earth Export Cuts Much Greater Than Preciously By now many people (even politicians) have recognized the importance of rare earth metals and that China has been cutting back exports. But new data shows MUCH greater cuts than previously thought. 15:22 Mar 10, 2011 PST


    Gun Ownership - Fear of What? Learn from Libya The dirty secret no one dares speak of when discussing gun ownership is that, in the extreme, it is to protect the people from bad government. 17:54 Mar 8, 2011 PST


    Quest Rare Minerals Looks to List On U.S. Exchange - Files SEC Form 40-F The potential for profits in rare earth mineral companies is seen in the recent value of the Molly Corp IPO. Quest is moving toward a listing on a U.S. stock exchange which often boosts stock price. 17:20 Mar 8, 2011 PST


    U.S. Lack of Energy Policy Really Bites Right in the Wallet Feel the pain of not having a national energy policy yet? Don't blame speculators or dictators. Look in a mirror to see why prices keep going up. 13:03 Mar 8, 2011 PST


    Protect Yourself From Oil Price Increases With A Single Investment While some commentators complain about oil prices being caused by speculators, they never seem to mention that any investor can lock in oil/gas prices by purchasing an ETF. 12:03 Mar 8, 2011 PST


    Buy Smart and Shop Around for the Best Gasoline Price on Gasbuddy When there are fast price increases or decreases some stations always lag behind in matching the changes at their pumps. Use an online tool to find the cheapest gas in your area. 09:32 Mar 8, 2011 PST


    Gardening 101 - Seed Catalogs and Online Seed Ordering This time of year an experienced gardener can have as many as a dozen or more seed catalogs awaiting their attention. But not all seeds or seed offers are created equal. 12:09 Mar 7, 2011 PST


    James Dines - Rare Earth Prices Surge Again; Stocks Should Follow Soon Famed financial newsletter guru James Dines sees the recent consolidation in rare earth element companies nearly over. 07:57 Mar 2, 2011 PST


    if You Don't Like Your Local School, The States Offer The Best Alternative! Some people treat teaching as a mystical process, but it really isn't. It takes training to be a teacher. But if you don't like your local school, many states offer a simple alternative. Start Your Own School. 06:36 Feb 28, 2011 PST


    Teacher Salary By State - Your Basic Resource With teachers being the biggest target of taxpayer anger it is important to know who is telling the truth about pay and especially whether pay is enough for a given area. Here are the facts. 09:54 Feb 25, 2011 PST


    McDonalds for Breakfast? Wonder What's in That Oatmeal? The taste is OK, but this isn't oatmeal like grandma used to make, unless she was an organic chemist. Are all the preservatives really necessary? 16:59 Feb 24, 2011 PST


    Most Livable City in U.S. Launches Local Online investigative News Service It's not exactly a new idea, but Pittsburgh's Filmmakers community has announced it will launch a new online news service targeting the West-PA region. 08:59 Feb 24, 2011 PST


    Wisconsin Teacher Salaries - on Record! Did you know that a school Principal makes about $100,000 plus benefits per year? Look up what your child's teachers make. 05:02 Feb 24, 2011 PST


    Public Employee Salaries - Do You Know What You Pay Them? Although the pay which goes to teachers, snow plow truck drivers, and everyone else who gets a state or federal paycheck is, by law, a public record (after all, YOU pay them), this is often difficult to find. I show you where they are published. 12:57 Feb 22, 2011 PST


    Tale of Some Teachers - Highly Paid, Unconcerned Some teachers especially in dangerous areas are underpaid but in many rural areas they are among the highest paid 'professionals' and a powerful political and economic force. 08:16 Feb 22, 2011 PST


    Obama, Ask Gates Why OUR Money Isn't Spent Here! OK, Mr. Gates, you made your money overcharging for software, that's The American Way and I totally respect it; but save your sanctimonious charity for HOME! 18:14 Feb 17, 2011 PST


    Stay Away Watson, We Don't Want You Can Watson beat Ken Jennings? Can a calculator evaluate a factorial faster than I can? More importantly, does it really matter and why? 12:01 Feb 14, 2011 PST


    TurboTax Cites Fraud, Not Security Problem In Fradulent Emails Ever wonder how secure your Turbo Tax filing is? I was surprised to open a note this morning saying: 'TurboTax Return Sent.' Problem is I haven't filed. 15:34 Feb 9, 2011 PST


    Absolution by iPad? Confession, Forgiveness, Are Indulgences Next? The Holy See has reportedly approved in some form by granting an imprimatur, a $1.50 iPad confession app. Fill in the basics and get instant absolution online. 10:28 Feb 8, 2011 PST


    The End of Back Pain? Sometimes It's All In The Head - So Is The Treatment Back pain is difficult to treat but recent discoveries show that in some cases some of it is literally all in the head - structural changes in the brain. And there may be a simple non analgesic treatment. 11:36 Feb 6, 2011 PST


    Legendary Investor George Soros Comments on Egyptian Situation George Soros has written a commentary on the situation in Egypt stating his views on the situation and calling on President Obama to 'stand by the values that got him elected.' 15:36 Feb 3, 2011 PST


    Femen Topless Protest of Ukranian President's Verbal Diarrhea Femen, a group of Ukranian women who sometimes stage topless protests, today released a statement condemning what they describe as 'sexist' and 'degrading' statements by Ukrainian President Yanukovich at the recent Davros summit. 11:19 Feb 3, 2011 PST


    Egypt: Summary of Food and Economic Developments Egypt's central bank recognizes threats and moves to increase food imports, open banks, and pay those on pensions. 15:18 Feb 1, 2011 PST


    Women Protest Topless - Femen Group Gets Publicity for Protests Tired of being ignored by government, women make use of their physical assets to gain public attention for important causes. 11:48 Feb 1, 2011 PST


    More Winter? Punxsutawney Phil Decides on Ground Hog Day! Every year tens of thousands of students and tourists from around the world visit our small town of Punxsutawney to hear and see whether Weather Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and returns to his den rather than face six more weeks of fur chilling 12:13 Jan 31, 2011 PST


    February 4 Puppy 'Tail' Gate Party Includes Costume Contest Pet owners in the Indiana, PA area are invited to the 7th annual puppy bowl, Friday's early pre-game football tailgate party for those with REAL tails. This fun and educational event gives pet owners a chance to meet hospital staff and each other a 12:38 Jan 27, 2011 PST


    H1N1 Swine Flu Confers Super Immunity! Doctors in Chicago have reported finding that individuals who caught and survived the 'swine' flu have developed a kind of super-immunity to various other flu strains. 17:23 Jan 26, 2011 PST


    Real Science Online - Classify Galaxies or Moon Craters at Looking for little green men? Well there's no guarantee of that but if you want to do real astronomy using images from the top telescopes check out 12:40 Dec 21, 2010 PST


    Give 'Sex Madness' for Free Why not give free books and videos to friends - they get a personalized gift; you save big money. From 'A Christmas Carol' to 'Reefer Madness' or 'Sex Madness' you can download them free to give away. 11:22 Dec 17, 2010 PST


    China to Become World's Largest Exporter By End of Year China's Minister of Commerce said Thursday that the country's foreign trade will top $2.9 Trillion this year. He also stated that China will soon be the largest exporter and second largest importer in the world. 09:13 Dec 17, 2010 PST


    China's Rare Earth Near-Monopoly Could Last 15-Years The 17 rare earth elements (often called minerals in media reports) are critical for clean technology. China owns about 95% of the current world production. A DoE report says 15 years needed to develop sufficient new sources. 15:04 Dec 16, 2010 PST


    Reverse Mortgage: Appraisal Process Aimed at Suburbia Although it is nowhere stated, after my experiences I can say that the reverse mortgage process is, intentionally or unintentionally, definitely biased toward urban and suburban homeowners. 12:16 Dec 16, 2010 PST


    Go Online to Find Best Holiday Pricing Online Or At The Mall Researching prices online can locate the best deals at the mall or online. Don't forget to search for coupons or coupon codes for online stores. You can also check local store inventory. 11:16 Dec 14, 2010 PST


    Reverse Mortgages Simple as the Ads Portray? Not By a Long Shot! They sound great and may be perfect for you, but sometimes the the process can be extremely complex and time-consuming. Part one of an investigative series on 13:57 Dec 13, 2010 PST


    CyberWar by WikiLeaks Defenders Builds While Xipwire Accepts Funds While Xipwire remains the only U.S. site accepting funds for WikiLeaks, hackers conducting a DoS attack on Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are expected to target Amazon next. 18:26 Dec 9, 2010 PST


    Xipwire Holding WikiLeaks Donations in Separate Account Pending Instructions The only known U.S. payment company accepting money for WikiLeaks tells Newsblaze it is still trying to establish formal contacts with the organization. 16:06 Dec 9, 2010 PST


    Zombie DOS Attacks Support WikiLeaks What you need to know about the current spate of Zombie Denial of Service attacks against Visa and MasterCard and in support of WikiLeaks. Also, what is 'ping' and, for that matter, what is 'TRON?' 07:48 Dec 9, 2010 PST


    Black Friday - When People Fight to Buy Junk they don't Need and Can't Afford Ever wonder if people who have the time to stand in line overnight for Black Friday don't have jobs, or if they realize that most of the sale items will be discarded by next Xmas? 10:19 Nov 26, 2010 PST


    Medical Breakthrough Safe Visible Light Sterilization for MRSA Recent clinical trials at Glasgow Royal Infirmary have demonstrated that a certain wavelength of visible light can reduce MRSA bacteria on surfaces by 80% or more. 14:21 Nov 24, 2010 PST


    'GOLDBUG!' - Book Review - A Lifetime of Investing Knowledge from James Dines 'Stress is when you wake up screaming and realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.' (pp 280) GOLDBUG! Is an extraordinary analysis of where world currencies are heading and what is likely to happen in the Second Great Depression, including the chan 16:09 Nov 8, 2010 PST


    It's Not The Heat, It's The Humidity - How Global Warming Will Kill A relatively small increase in average temperature will kill most of the human race just from the heat, not considering any of the theoretical changes to crops or sea level. 15:18 Nov 4, 2010 PST


    Outlook for Nuclear Power Changed by Election Will this election FINALLY allow the U.S. to overcome decades of prejudice and scientific ignorance so we can actually get green energy from nuclear power like the rest of the world? 07:40 Nov 4, 2010 PST


    Honest Vote Count? Hacking Voting Machines for Fun and Profit E-voting is NOT secure. University researchers recently get a voting machine to play Pac-Man. How confident does that make you about getting honest vote counts using e-voting machines? 11:07 Oct 27, 2010 PST


    Poke Berry for Arthritis? Butterbur for Migraines? Herbal Remedies Come Back Herbal remedies such as using butterbur to prevent migraine headaches are gaining mainstream support from medical doctors and even specialized clinics such as the UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine in Shadyside (Pittsburgh, PA) 11:44 Oct 26, 2010 PST


    Does an Aspirin A Day Keep Colon Cancer Away? The Lancet medical journal is holding a discussion on its Facebook page about the latest report which shows taking a low dose aspirin each day can cut the risk of colorectal cancer by 25%. 11:13 Oct 25, 2010 PST


    Life Expectancy Data Shows U.S. Hispanic Population Lives Longer According to a report compiled from 2006 death rate statistics, U.S. Hispanic-origin life expectancy is higher than that for the population as a whole as well as longer than for the non-Hispanic white population and non-Hispanic black population. 13:39 Oct 22, 2010 PST


    Daunting Delivery Debacle? Another Reason To Shop Early for the Holidays As more people shop online delivery services are more critical than ever but all the home delivery companies are cutting back and using more temporary holiday workers. How does this impact service and is it the new Achilles Heel of online shopping. 07:52 Oct 22, 2010 PST


    Striking France - A U.S. Rural Expat's View of the Violence French strikes are violent in the cities but rural areas remain calm. Justice Minister says 'thugs' are infiltrating the union demonstrations and a U.S. newcommer reports on the view from an Expat living in the French countryside. 06:01 Oct 21, 2010 PST


    Recent James Dines Interview James Dines was fired from his Wall Street job for saying gold would go sky high - that was when it sold for $35/oz. He also advised buying uranium stocks when that mineral was at $8/pound (later hit a high of $130/lb and today $50/lb.) 11:14 Oct 20, 2010 PST


    U.S Debt - What Happens if Washington Annoys China? With China holding both a massive amount of U.S. government debt and control of the world's supply of critical military and renewable energy materials, perhaps politicians should start to pay more attention to some critical technologies. 17:48 Oct 19, 2010 PST


    Will the Gulf Ever Be Clean Again? A hard nosed look at the situation suggests that the answer is not in the current geologic age. Temple University study shows massive pollution still in beaches hit by the Exxon Valdez spill. 05:32 Jun 28, 2010 PST


    Nostalgia gone Wild! Free Oldstyle Arcade Games Games from the birth of personal computing are still enjoyable and you can play many of them from Pong and Space Invaders to Colossal Cave (Adventure) for free online. 12:41 May 26, 2010 PST


    Walk on the Moon - 40th Anniversary of the Last Moon Walk Nearing the sad 40th anniversary of mankind's last visit to the lunar suface, Moon Zoo has begun a project to let anyone with Web access do real scientific research by counting all the craters on the surface. 13:40 May 25, 2010 PST


    Will Kangaroo Farts Save the World? Bacteria found in Kangaroo stomachs produce no methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which is generated in vast quantities by sheep and cattle. 06:05 May 21, 2010 PST


    Social Network Fans Flock to New Browser Flock social media browser builds on Mozilla technology to offer free optimized browser for bloggers, and other social networking users. 13:40 May 14, 2010 PST


    Home Garden 1.0 - Frost-Free Days Spring has sprung and it is time to get out of the garden shed/workroom, and into the yard. A look at what to plant when, and how to further prepare new garden soil. 12:01 May 14, 2010 PST


    Call for Different Mental Health Treatment of UK Military Personnel Studies have shown that, contrary to media reports, alcohol abuse is the bigger problem for regular service personnel while post-traumatic stress syndrone is more common in reservists returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. 06:20 May 14, 2010 PST


    GOLD! It REALLY is all that Glitters Today! Gold reaches new highs while TV news misses the real story and can't even get the basic numbers right. 06:56 May 13, 2010 PST


    Maternal Mortality Jumps in U.S., Denmark, Austria, Canada and Norway Little progress has been made during a 20-year effort to reduce maternal mortality and the U.S. is actually doing worse. The world's only super power is a more dangerous place for a woman to give birth than is Croatia. 06:51 May 7, 2010 PST


    Home Garden 101 - The No Work Food Garden! Gardening doesn't have to be hard work week in and week out all spring and summer - some food plants survive even harsh winters. Planting perennials mean you pick year after year with little work. 18:10 Apr 5, 2010 PST


    U.S. House Addresses China's Rare Earth Monopoly Rare Earth metals are critical for production of everything from wind turbines and radar to cell phones and iPads - even CFL and LED lights. China owns 95% plus of all the world's REE's. The U.S. House is now addressing this dangerous situation. 09:30 Apr 5, 2010 PST


    Home Garden 101 - Best Seed Catalog Bountiful Gardens' catalog offers varieties in a single package letting you try out new vegetables at low cost. Their seeds are also open polinated for sustainable gardening. 12:37 Mar 12, 2010 PST


    Comparing Congress to Volunteer Firemen How Washington really works, an analogy. Why do they argue while the country is burning and why aren't political contributions bribes? 14:26 Mar 6, 2010 PST


    Please Rob Me - A Twit and their Money are Soon Mugged! Showing you can't spell 'twitter' without 'twit' one site is proving that people are too free with personal information by listing the homes which are vacant at the moment and waiting to be burglarized. 06:29 Mar 6, 2010 PST


    Company Reply to Rare Earth Story Lynas Corp asked me to emphasize that, although what I wrote was completely true, their sale to China was eventually blocked and the company has recently received funding through other sources. 14:15 Feb 23, 2010 PST


    Nuclear Power, Getting Perspective - Other Concerns Nuclear power plants last 60 years, wind turbines 20-25. So, how is short lifecycle really a reason to avoid nuclear power? And how are we going to recycle all those wind farms? 10:27 Feb 18, 2010 PST


    Nuclear Power, Getting Perspective - Blaming 40 Year-Old Technology Many objections to building new nuclear power plants refer to 30-40 year old technology. Consider what computers were like even 30 years ago and you will see how silly that is. 06:31 Feb 18, 2010 PST


    Nuclear Power, Getting Perspective - Water Use vs. Consumption Nuclear and coal power plants use a lot of water, but so do hydroelectric plants, but most of the water just goes back where it came from and some evaporates. 14:04 Feb 17, 2010 PST


    Nuclear Power, Getting Perspective - Three Mile Island TMI, how the worst civilian nuclear reactor accident proved how safe even older reactors actually were. The count? Dead 0. Injured 0. 12:45 Feb 17, 2010 PST


    High-Paying Green Jobs in U.S. - Another Fantasy? With or without federal support there will be green jobs created in the U.S., but will most of them be basic blue collar assembly jobs and will the factories be owned by foreign companies? Do we even have a choice? 09:19 Feb 16, 2010 PST


    Fools and their Money - How to Make a Million Online Just build a Web page which has a lot of interesting things many people would want to see or buy, then get millions of people to visit your Web site and buy things from you at profitable prices. 11:05 Feb 9, 2010 PST


    Phil, the Sadness Beneath the Fur - A One-on-One Interview In advance of this year's Groundhog Day Weather prediction I am running a two decade-old personal interview I had with Phil. Since the Mesmerizing Meterological Marmot is immortal, I believe this interview is still relevant. 12:49 Jan 28, 2010 PST


    Renewable vs Practical Electricity Obama Finally Embraces Nuclear? Why are France, China, Russia, and India far ahead of the U.S. in producing clean, safe, carbon neutral nuclear power plants? Are we becomming a second world nation and is it just a short slide to third-world energy status. 09:24 Jan 28, 2010 PST


    Groundhog Day, Phamous Phallic Phil and other Statues Around Town Phil abounds all year around the town with statues ranging from a lifesize bronze beside the police station to a dozen or more giants in fiberglass, each with a distinct personality from banker to handyman to Phallic Phil. 07:03 Jan 27, 2010 PST


    One Corporation - Many Votes? If corporations are legal entities and the Supreme Court says they have free speech, then why aren't they restricted to spending the same amount as any individual citizen? 11:48 Jan 26, 2010 PST


    Groundhog Day, A Look at Downtown and Where to Eat The rain is over and show once more covers Gobbler's know and the rest of the region. One thing you gotta do on a trip to GHD is walk around Punxsutawney to see what's left of the old town and chat with fellow groundhog fans. 09:29 Jan 26, 2010 PST


    Fools and Their Money - Free Credit Reports, DON'T Pay for Them! Credit ratings, what they mean and what if anything you can do to make yours better are large topics which I will explore in multiple Fool reports. 07:59 Jan 25, 2010 PST