Other Melanoma Information which I haven't researched and verified yet..
A Brazilian scientist has reportedly developed a vaccine against malignant melanoma and metastatic renal cancer.

While this information appears to be legitimate, I haven't seen solid scientific verification yet. However, it seems worth investigating.

Information from the press release follows:

"Phd. Jose Alexandre Barbuto, an immunologist at São Paulo University ( USP ), developed a treatment based upon the use of dendritic-tumor cell hybrid vaccination which achieved almost 80% of effiency in stopping the tumor growth in patients suferring from metastatic cancer.

HybriCell, the new vaccine, is one of the first therapeutic cancer vaccines to be available for any person suffering from cancer in the world. The initiative received a word of encouragement from the Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute, in the USA.

In the preliminary studies, some patients had their life expectancy prolonged up to four times than what was foreseen by their phisicians. The protocol was conducted with 35 patients who were all in the metastatic stage of the disease. They had not previously responded successfully when treated with standard therapies and presented growing tumor masses.

Without significant side effects, Hybricell, the new vaccine, was submited to the local authorities and now is part of a medical treatment that can be prescribed by any oncologist.  Developed for patients who suffer advanced-stage melanoma or renal cancer, the vaccine it is considered the most powerful weapon yet against cancer.

According to José Alexandre Barbuto, M.D, PhD, researcher from the Immulogy Departament of the Universidade de São Paulo ( USP ) and from Genoa Group, the ( 13 ) melanoma and ( 22 ) renal carcinoma patients from this first study received an average number of 4.7 doses of the vaccine.

About 80% of the patients experienced disease stabilization, with no adverse reaction. “After the vaccination, most patients experienced clinical benefits and disease stabilization from four to 20 months”, said Barbuto.

The result of this protocol was published in the journal Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy ( 2004 ). The procedure was repetead with another 35 in the second stage of the protocol. Again, very similar results were obtained. “These data indicate that the use of dendritic cells in vaccines against cancer can give us new possibilities in the battle against the disease”.

Barbuto also concluded that dendritic cell-tumor cell hybrid vaccination affects the natural history of advanced cancer and provide support for its use in less advanced patients, who should haver even more benefit from this approach. Now the vaccine is produced by Barbuto at the Genoa Group, a Biotech enterprise formed by 31 Phds.

According to the President of the Paulista Society of Clinical Oncology, Nise Hitomi Yamaguchi, Barbuto's research is a benchmark for the world's cancer immunology and treatment. “It is a great step in battle against cancer”.

"I would like to send my congratulations on the recent progress with your melanoma/renal carcinoma vaccine", said David Bedell, Director of Educational Programs Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute about the brazilian project.

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